Vitesse EX



2 way compact loudspeaker with passive diaphragm.
Extremely low resonance cabinet with minimal sound leakage.
40mm solid wood baffle.
Large baffle chamfers minimize edge diffraction.
Phase quadrature crossover.
Carbon Rohacell sandwich diaphragm in mid-woofer.
21mm hand coated softdome diaphragm in tweeterTechnical data:
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Efficiency: 87dB / 1m / 2,85V
Power handling: 80W
Amplifier recommendation: 2 x 50W Class AB transistor or Class D, 2 x 20W tube or Class A
Frequency response: ( -3dB ) 42Hz – 40kHz
Linearity: 200Hz – 20kHz, +- 2dB
Distortion factor at 90dB below 0,5% above 200Hz
Phase quadrature crossover allows to drive the tweeter in-phase and out-of-phase
Crossover frequency: 1310 Hz
Switch selectable for flat and fast. In the fast position 2 components are taken out of the
signal path.
Width baffle and pedestal: 18cm
Total width with aluminum clasp feet: 28cm
Total height incl. pedestal and and feet: 50cm, without feet 46cm
Depth corpus: 24cm
Depth of corpus and baffle: 28cm
Depth pedestal: 32cm
Depth from baffle front to rear edge of pedestal: 36cm
Weight: 11kg
Tweeter with solid metal front. 21mm softdome membrane with excellent omnidirectional
sound and extended frequency response up to 40kHz.Midwoofer with carbon-rohacell sandwichdiaphragm and ultra linearmotor for lowest distortions.


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