2 way compact loudspeaker with passive diaphragm.
Extremely low resonance cabinet with minimal sound leakage.
40mm solid wood baffle.
Large baffle chamfers minimize edge diffraction.
Transitional crossover.
Midwoofer with long-stroke performance (+-10mm) and ultra low distortion.
State oft he Art Ribbon tweeter
Technical data:
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Efficiency: 86dB / 1m / 2,85V
Power handling: 160W
Amplifier recommendation: 2 x 50W Class AB transistor or Class D, 2 x 20W tube or Class A
Frequency response: ( -3dB ) 36Hz – 40kHz
Linearity: 200Hz – 20kHz, +- 2dB
Distortion factor at 90dB below 0,2% above 200Hz
Transitional Crossover
Xoverpoint 2200 Hz
Width baffle and pedestal: 20cm
Total width with aluminum clasp feet: 28cm
Total height incl. pedestal and and feet: 43cm, without feet 41cm
Depth corpus: 32cm
Depth of corpus and baffle: 36cm
Depth pedestal: 40cm
Depth from baffle front to rear edge of pedestal: 44cm
Weight: 11kg
Tweeter with solid metal waveguide. Ribbon membrane with excellent omnidirectional
sound and extended frequency response up to 40kHz.
Midwoofer with extreme long stroke (+-10mm) and ultra linear motor for lowest


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